Mail Manager

Mail Manager

Mail Manager is a scalable software solution, made for collaboration.

It enables you and your team to easily file, store and share emails, centrally in one place.
Our customers range from single users to companies with 7,000 users to +10,000 users.

Smart filing

Mail Manager learns your filing behaviours and prompts filing to suggested locations based on these. If multiple people file the same email across your business, Mail Manager removes the duplicate files. What’s more emails are centrally filed alongside other client / project information.

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File in batches or on the go

The Batch Filer quickly and easily moves large batches of existing emails from your inbox into filing folders. With Mail Manager you can even file emails from any mobile device, making managing your inbox easy – anytime, anywhere.

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Streamlined storage

Mail Manager can file messages to your local disk, network servers or the cloud, reducing email storage. Whether using multiple servers or different locations.

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Advanced search

Search 1 million emails in less than 2 seconds.
Search any keyword or between a specific date and time range and Mail Manager will generate a list of relevant results within seconds. It searches against email headers, body and attachment name saving you valuable time and improving business efficiency.

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Social mapping

Allows you to graphically visualise the relationship of emails, so you can identify communication gaps within a team and monitor email activity.

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Snap 'n' send

Capture and combine on-screen images, add mark-ups and text and send the new document’s directly from Microsoft Outlook.