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Abrahams Dresden LLP

Abrahams Dresden LLP were struggling to find documents or emails quickly, due to excessive paperwork and files. Using Mail Manager has been life changing as everything is now stored electronically and has helped them transition to a paperless office.

Abrahams Dresden Case Study
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As most email systems accumulate years of communications, dispersed across various mailboxes or Public Folders. Arup realised when queries or disputes arises, often quite urgently, the audit process and daily working process were not sufficient. Using Mail Manager has enabled all client information to be stored in one centrally located place, making it easier to access.

Arup Case Study


The volume of collective e-mails for the size of Gensler’s operation quickly became a storage issue. In order to maintain acceptable data levels, Gensler set an inbox limit of 250Mb. With Mail Manager storage levels were reduced as all emails were organised into an effective, shared document management system.

Gensler Case Study
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John McCall Architects

Like most architectural practices email is used extensively across projects which brings a number of issues, as some projects can have thousands of emails relating to it. As part of our ISO 9001 they realised record keeping was critical and decided to invest in Mail Manager. This has provided good security, and the ability to archive every project into a single package, providing the comfort that emails are easily located.

John McCall Architects Case Study

Nitsch Engineering

Nitsch Engineering were looking for a solution to reduce their email storage easily and centralise their emails. After reviewing several options, Mail Manager was chosen. This has centralised their emails, eliminated hours of time in e-discovery from both a user and an IT perspective and saved them $10,000 in storage space costs.

Nitsch Engineering Case Study
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Terra Engineers

Terra chose Mail Manager to assist managing e-mails and team communications better within their firm. The results were so positive they recommended it to their clients. Mail Manager allowed for expedited search, retrieval and filing of project e-mails into centralised shared team folders throughout the daily routine of checking and sending e-mails. The fact that Mail Manager integrated with Outlook made implementation easier and adoption by the staff quick and intuitive.

Terra Engineers Case Study