Mail Manager

Mail Manager

Open up to more efficiency, productivity, transparency and security

Rely on Mail Manager to open your business to a more efficient way of working.

75% of project data is stored in email
How do you find and share yours?

Mail Manager reduces the time and complexity of filing and searching for emails and attachments. It simplifies every part of the process and gives you peace of mind that all your important data is safe and can be found by you and your team at the click of a button, in one central place.

Regain control of your inbox with Mail Manager

Search 1 million emails in less than 2 seconds.

By seamlessly integrating with Microsoft Outlook, Mail Manager makes filing, finding, storing and sharing emails a breeze, opening your business up to more efficient way of working.

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Quick and easy

File emails as you send and receive them, keeping or discarding attachments, saving up to 2 hours per day!

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Saves money

It slashes the space required to store email attachments and eliminates duplication.

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Supports collaboration

Emails filed into team folders are accessible by all members of a project.

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  • helping businesses stay compliant
  • companies globally
  • saved per person per day

Join the thousands of businesses across the world that maximise data storage and protect their data daily with Mail Manager.